Our Story

We champion quality, refined individuality, and conscious craftsmanship through our thoughtfully-designed, responsibly-made collections.

Fabrics and Materials

Each piece is expertly constructed with high quality fabrics to present our modern take on classic silhouettes. We like to work with high quality fabrics that feel good and last a long time so expect to find Cottons, Linens and Silks across our pieces. 


We create every piece in our workshop in New Delhi. Every stitch and cut is done by our team of skilled craftsmen and artisans who have years of experience. We try to reduce our wastage by making to order so if you require a custom size please do get in touch with us. 


Everything we do is dedicated to celebrating individuality and self expression. 
Our brand's ethos believes individuality is the most valuable commodity one can have and our designs and messaging aim to reflect that.